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    Learn traditional Japanese Martial Arts online

    devices with the internet

    IAIDO IN YOUR HOUSE is a new kind of online program for learning Iaido. You will be able to take the professional iaido training without going to Japanese budo studio (dojo)

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    Practice with clothes and
    tools as you like

    folding fans, folding umbrellas, cleanwrap cores, etc

    You can use items you can find at home such as folding fans, folding umbrellas, cleanwrap cores, etc. You can wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move around, and you don't need to get specialized items such as sword or Iaido traing wear (dogi). It is easy to get started.

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    Easy for anyone to start

    Easy for anyone to start

    You may have the image of fighting an opponent in Japanese martial arts, but you will first practice peculiar body movements called “Kata” without an opponent in Iaido. Since it is not considered heavy exercise and you don't have to worry about getting injured, anyone can easily get started.

Recommend for people who...

  • Are interested in samurai or learning swords !
  • Are interested in Japanese martial arts but going for practice is difficult !
  • Would like to start something new !
  • Would like to learn Japanese culture while moving their body !

Iaido will help with...

Instructor Introduction

instructor Shihomi Sueoka

Shihomi Sueoka  

Semi-Master of Shinkageryu Association
After graduating from university, she devoted herself to the martial arts and became an Semi-Master of the Shinkageryu Association at a young age. She has been concentrated her energy on spread the material arts,such as to be a model for the cover and demonstration of the book "Women's Iaido Program" published by PE&Sports Publishing.
Her appearance that tell you how to live as “a person you want to be” by learning the techniques handed down from the samurai era has been introduced in magazines and TV, and has caused a great sensation.
She has also given lessons to various athletes, actors, and models, and has gained the confidence of specialists in various fields.



You learn iaido at regular classes. As you practice constantly on a fixed schedule,
it is easy to turn it into a habit.

Once a month

1,980 YEN

you can start easily!

Twice a month

3,480 YEN

you can learn more deeply!

※Currently, from 22:00 to 23:00 on the 2nd and the 4th Saturdays


You arrange a schedule which you like with the instructor.
You have a private lesson or a lesson with friends or family members in long distances.
The content of a class can be tailored to your needs.

Individual / Group

8,000 YEN

Feel free to ask if
there are any questions!

Try it

What is it like to practice iaido? You may wonder
“Will I be able to keep up with lessons?”.

If you feel uneasy about joining us, please try a trial lesson first!

First Trial Fee1,000YEN

Start-up Campaign


In a trial lesson, please prepare a fan, folding umbrella, plastic wrap core, or another
stick-shaped object about 20 to 30 cm in length. If you decide to join us after trial, you will be
asked to purchase a PP sword to be used in lessons.

Details and application


I have no previous experience in martial arts.

In this lesson, you will learn Iaido according to procedure that starts with basic exercises such as calisthenics. You will also learn how to move the body peculiar to Iaido, as well as how to swing the folding fan. The instructor will explain each step in details so please don’t mind even if you have never tried martial arts or you are not good at doing sports.

How you can I pay for the lesson fee ?

Payment by credit card is accepted.We accept Visa, MasterCard and Amex.

What do you need to prepare ?

Either your laptop, smart phone, or tablet device with ZOOM app and good internet connection is required for the lesson. Since the instructor wants to check your movement, during the lesson you will need to stand far you’re your device enough so ZOOM projects your entire body clearly. Two square meters of space is enough for you to take this lesson.

What kinds of items do I need ?

In a trial lesson, please prepare a fan, folding umbrella, plastic wrap core, or another stick-shaped object about 20 to 30 cm in length. If you decide to join us after trial, you will be asked to purchase a PP sword to be used in lessons.

Do I have to prepare training clothes (Dogi) for Japanese martial arts?

Please take this lesson in comfortable clothes. If you have ever taken a lesson of another Japanese martial arts and have your own Dogi, you are of course welcome to join this lesson with wearing it! Dogi always makes you concentrated in the lesson of Japanese martial arts !

I have taken a Iaido lesson previously and have my own Japanese sword. Can I use it in this lesson?

For safety reasons, we are afraid that a Japanese sword is not allowed to be used in this lesson. However, if you are able to take our private lesson in a place spacious enough to swing your sword with no risk of hurting people around you, we would be happy to provide our lesson where you can use it. Please feel free to let me know if you would like further information regarding it.

I believe Japanese martial arts should be utilized by more and more people.

Learning Japanese martial arts does not immediately change something of you like you imagined before starting, however; you can surely get a sense of fulfillment in the way of learning it.

It would be a first step for learning Japanese martial arts and culture while enjoying taking this lesson at home!

I hope “IAIDO IN YOUR HOUSE” will help more people to live more actively and Japanese martial arts will spread to people all over the world.